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Aside from IGF-1 LR3, IGF-1 has another variant, known as IGF-1 DES. IGF-1 is the sought-after peptide to gain weight caused by muscle growth. 

IGF-1 can trigger hyperplasia in the body. That means it supports the growth of new cells in muscles, and one can achieve muscle size/density at a normal genetic level. 

But its half-life does not last for an extended period. After a short time, our body will destroy IGF-1. This is the reason the peptide was modified, marking the development of IGF-1 LR3 and IGF-1 DES. 

IGF-1 LR3 has a longer half-life. On the other hand, IGF-1 DES is ten times stronger than the original peptide. 

What is IGF-1 DES? 

IGF-1 DES is considered a shorter but more potent version of IGF-1. Unlike the IGF-1 LR3, this peptide has a delicate chain. Its half-life only lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. That’s why it is administered on where a person wants to have muscle growth. It could be the biceps, legs, or shoulders. 

IGF-1 DES can bind to cell receptors affected by lactic acid. During any strenuous exercise and training, the body produces a high level of lactic acid, the one that causes pain and sore muscles. When taken, IGF-1 DES attaches itself to mutated cell receptors, maximizing tissue growth. 

It is helpful to stay hydrated, take a break between workouts, warm up, get enough magnesium, and drink naturally made orange juice to get rid of lactic acid buildup. 

What Is It Used For? 

IGF-1 DES has a delicate chain. But do not underestimate its ability to contribute to your fitness transformation. Below, we present some reasons you should try this peptide.

Promote the Repair of Connective Tissue and Muscle 

Every workout stresses the body, causing microscopic damage to muscles, which is only temporary. After a day or two, the pain will be manageable. But sometimes, the inflammation may last for a week. 

That could be a hassle whether you are an athlete or a health enthusiast. While various factors trigger the swelling, IGF-1 DES is proven to repair your muscles and connective tissue, leading to fast and safe recovery. 

Increase Muscle Growth 

One of the concerns of athletes or bodybuilders is how to boost their muscle growth. Using peptides like IGF-1 DES may help increase and develop lean muscle mass. For better and faster results, take and add more protein to every meal. Eat carbs after a workout. And consume whole foods and healthy fats. 


IGF-1 and IGF-1 LR3 are taken daily for a week. How about IGF-1 DES? It should be dosed many times a day before any workout or training. 

Remember to target specific muscles. If you want to have a bigger bicep, administer this peptide right into it. 

Are you looking for peptides developed for muscle growth? Worry no more! IGF-1 DES may be an excellent choice. 

But study the existing laws and regulations where you live ahead of time before using IGF-1 DES for your safety. 

Since IGF-1 DES is not available in any pharmacies, you can buy peptides online for sure! 

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