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Peptides have been gaining immense popularity for the past years. They are used to improve multiple body functions. They can promote restoration and homeostasis. But with the variety of peptides in the market, Ipamorelin is in the limelight.

What Is It? 

Ipamorelin is a peptide that consists of 5 amino acids. Considered a growth hormone secretagogue, Ipamorelin is a compound that helps the pituitary gland produce growth hormone.

Usually, peptides induce the release of chemicals that cause potential side effects. However, Ipamorelin is not the same thing. It only triggers the growth hormone with no serious complications.

Additionally, it mimics the action of ghrelin to aid the pituitary gland to produce or release natural growth hormone, making it one of the famous peptides across the world.

Novo Nordisk, a pharmaceutical company, developed Ipamorelin. Then, Helsinn Therapeutics used the peptide for experiments, participated by patients with gastrointestinal problems. But it was discontinued as the research tests were not good.

What Is It Used For? 

As Ipamorelin helps the pituitary gland to produce growth hormone, it may improve muscle mass and strength.

Apart from that, Ipamorelin could do more. Take a close look at the following:

Reduce Body Fat

A high concentration of body fat has been associated with overweight. Obesity has some health risks, including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, stroke, metabolic syndrome, osteoarthritis, fatty liver disease,  gallbladder disease, and pregnancy problem.

Ipamorelin may be used to reduce body fat and lower the risk of obesity. But more clinical research is still required.

Increase Vitality 

To increase athletic performance, one must have enough energy and vitality to perform any strenuous workout. But not every day is a good day. There are times that a person may feel sluggish. Along with a quality night’s sleep, Ipamorelin may help. But remember that the peptide is commonly sold for research purposes. Alternatively, you can modify and stick to your diet.

Boost Skin Quality

Collagen helps our body maintain its structure and shape. But with age, collagen production declines. As a result, cell structures weaken. Then, the skin sags. Joints also get stiffer as they begin to lose their normal elasticity. Ipamorelin is found to improve skin quality. But for safer results, eating foods rich in amino acids and vitamin C is advisable.

Increase Sexual Urges

Low sexual drive is one of the common problems of men and even women in the U.S. Studies have shown that 31% of men and 41% of women experienced sexual dysfunction. Low sexual drive is the primary contributing factor.

Experts say Ipamorelin may aid in improving sex drive with constant use. But think a thousand times before you buy peptides online. Nothing can beat exercising regularly and eating healthful diets.

What’s the Dosage? 

Ipamorelin is taken once a day. It is typically before bedtime and administered thru subcutaneous injections. It is frequently paired with some anti-aging peptides. If you have not tried peptides before, a medical supervision is required for your safety.

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