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HGH Frag 176-191

What Is It? 

Frag 176 -191 is a small piece of HGH with potent fat-burning properties. When taken, Frag 176-191 leads to lipolysis, known as the breakdown of fat, according to most clinical trials. Then, it hinders lipogenesis. For that reason, HGH Frag 176-191 is believed to be 12.5 times stronger than HGH in terms of fat burning. Like the other peptides, Frag 176-191 mimics how human growth hormone regulates lipolysis with no potential side effects on cell proliferation, blood sugar, and insulin level. That’s why it is often referred to as a lipolytic fragment.

What Is It Used For? 

Studies imply that Frag 176-191 preserves HGH’s fat-burning effects without boosting insulin-like growth or inhibiting carbohydrate metabolism. That is the reason Frag 176-191 has encouraged many medical experts to conduct further studies. Here are the other things they find:

Aid in Weight Loss

HGH Frag 176-191 is also discovered to have strong weight loss properties. Studies in obese mice led to 50% of weight reduction after taking HGH Frag 176-191. But it still raises concerns to human use. Losing weight is never easy. Perhaps, you have tried various types of diet to shred a pound. Maybe, you hit the gym regularly. Then, you hardly lose weight. That’s frustrating, and you may be desperate to try anything like peptides without weighing their pros and cons in mind. It is always best to consult your doctor no matter what. Your safety should always be your number one priority.

Reduce Blood Sugar

High blood sugar is linked to diabetes. While there are several risk factors, one’s diet is the primary contributing factor. Studies have shown that more than 34.2 million Americans were diagnosed with diabetes in 2018. That includes children, adolescents, and seniors. What’s alarming is that around 7.3 million people with diabetes are not diagnosed. Out of six different fragments from HGH, 176-191 is the most effective synthetic peptide that lowers blood sugar levels. Why is that? Experts believe it is because of the increase in plasma insulin.

What Are The Other Benefits of HGH 176-191? 

—Increase energy and muscle recovery 

—Make bones stronger

—Provide anti-aging benefits 

—Does not hinder insulin or glucose level 

—A more suitable option for obesity treatment than the typical HGH

—It is 12.5 more potent than the regular HGH 

—Increase athletic endurance, stamina, or performance 

How Is It Taken? 

HGH Frag 176-191 is administered using subcutaneous injection. It is best used at the end of intermittent fasting or on an empty stomach to enjoy good results. Medical supervision may also be needed, especially for beginners.

What’s the Dosage? 

In clinical trials and scientific studies, researchers use 250 – 300 mcg of HGH Frag 176-191. Then, it is administered three times a day. Some take Frag 176-191 once or twice a day. It is usually injected in the morning and the evening. Are you looking for HGH Frag 176-191 and other peptides for sale? Get your smartphone, laptop, or personal computer. Connect it to the internet and buy peptides online! Shopping can be done with a touch of a button.

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