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IGF-1LR3 1mg

Buy 1mg Bottle of IGF-1 LR3

IGF-1 LR3 is a peptide that shares many of the growth-promoting effects of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factors, collectively known as IGFs. IGF-1 LR3 is also known as Long R3 IGF-1 or Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I Long Arg3, and is a more potent version of regular IGF-1. This increased potency is due to the decreased binding of IGF-1 LR3 to all known IGF binding proteins.

IGF-1 LR3 is a long-term analog of IGF-1, which is the primary protein involved in responses of cells to growth hormone. This peptide induces cellular activities and is responsible for muscle growth or hyperplasia. IGF-1 LR3 causes muscle cell hyperplasia, which involves the splitting and formation of new muscle cells. It is considered to be the most potent growth factor available and as a result, can result in an increased sensitivity to insulin.

IGF-1 LR3 has been chemically altered to increase its half-life, which is approximately 20-30 hours.